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Get current category id on product page

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I'm trying to fetch the current id_category on the product page.

I have searched the forums but with no results.


I need to display a notice for some categories.


This is what I am trying to use in product.tpl, with no success.


if( $smarty.get.id_category == '5' OR $product->id_category_default == '5'){
echo 'Test';


Using PS 1.4.4



Performance settings:

  • force compile
  • cache disabled


Thanks in advance

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Thanks for your reply!


Still can't get it to work.


There are sub-categories. The first is 5 and the second are, for example 15.

The easiest way would be to check the first category id.


Im not sure how to achive this, is this correct:


$prodId = $product->id_category_default;

if( $prodId == 5){
   echo 'An important notice!';



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