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We are using prestashop 1.3.1 version and for pay pal v1.6 without API. It is working for ok for test purchases, we can see the orders in order tab, money transferred to client's pay pal account.


We haven't made any changes as the below from the prestahop paypal module help.



In order to use your PayPal payment module, you have to configure your PayPal account (sandbox account as well as live account). Log in to PayPal and follow these instructions.


In My account > Profile > Website Payment Preferences, set:

- Auto Return : Off,

- Payment Data Transfer to Off.


In My account > Profile > Shipping Calculations

- check Click here to allow transaction-based shipping values to override the profile shipping settings listed above


All PrestaShop currencies must be also configured inside Profile > Financial Information > Currency balances"


Will it make any problems in future, and what are all the other changes we may have to make in paypal account.



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