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How Can I catch this fact (by variable)


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I have been trying to store in additional column called by me 'upadated' in ps_customer table,

number 1 if customer changed anything from his control panel. By default is set to 0 so if someone create an account updated field = 0.


It looks simple I found the right place in the code ( I hope ):



and added around the line: 83 this:


(I have done modyfication to class/customer.php, declared field etc)


Here is my problem...

It is very strange but my modification works from time to time, I have no idea why sometimes nothing happens and another time updated field is set to 1.


Maybe there are some cashing issues/trick to know or javasript files need to be edited as well?


I have done similar thing, even more complicated for addresses table and it works perfectly...




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Have you got any idea guys??


The thing is the same modification works perfectly in AddressController.php .If customer changed their address additional column is flagged from 0 to 1.


IdentityController.php looks very similar to me I have been trying to do the same but it work from time to time.



Here is my modifications done in IdentityController.php

	if ($customer->update())

				/* my code */		
				/* my code ends */

					self::$cookie->customer_lastname = $customer->lastname;
					self::$cookie->customer_firstname = $customer->firstname;
					self::$smarty->assign('confirmation', 1);



$customer->updated=1; that works randomly, why??

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