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*SOLVED* No keyword metas on product pages...


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Hello all! I don't have keyword meta's on my product pages. I know they are supposed to be added in the tags field under the product description, but when I do this and save, they do not appear in the metas. Of course I do the usual cache clearing etc... The guy who set up the shop for me mentioned force compile. I turned it on, but it didn't work. It is back off.


Any ideas? I'm a noob, but I have a good idea what not to touch so as not to break things, and I know html and css pretty well.


Thanks for any help!!!


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Bet you figured this out already. The tags field below description only informs the tag cloud module. Just above short description you'll see a bar that says something like "improve your SEO", click on it and it will reveal some of the most important real estate of the whole back office. Enter your meta information there. Not sure why it's hidden like it is.

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Hello! Thanks, my buddy pointed it out to me. I looked for a week straight for the answer!





PS, I'm about to post another problem about product images not working with friendly url's. If you know anything about that, I could use the help! I'm using Presta 1.3, btw.

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Will do. Thanks for your comments. I am a little weary about updating to the new presta. The only thing that is not working at the moment is the friendly urls. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Atm, it is only a little broke. The other post is here:






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