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Changing footer links


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I'd like to remove some of the links in the footer of my shop and add my own.


I've already discovered how to edit some of the links in the footer via the CMS Block module in the Back End, but this doesn't allow me to edit all of them.


For instance, when I configure the CMS Block Module, I'm given the option of a few links to choose from:




Legal Notice

Terms and Conditions of Use

About Us

Secure Payment


So I've disabled a few and enabled a few others, and this works fine, except there are still other links showing up in my footer.


Along with the links I've enabled through the CMS block module, my footer is also displaying links labeled:



New Products

Top Sellers

Our Stores

Contact Us


Where is the footer gathering these links from, and how do I stop it?


And: Where can I specify what links do and do not show up in the footer, if I want to add my own, how do I do this?


Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.


P.S. I'm running version 1.4, and here is the link to my site.

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modify blockcms.tpl


and make sure to have compile:yes and cache: no.



Is there really no way to do this through the Back Office? I found something called the Footer Links Block in the user guide where one should be able to manage these links, but I can't find such a module in my BO.

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