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Generate 2 different PDF invoices


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Until I sell for a certain amount, I can't make the customers pay taxes, so i temporarily commented all the "tax incl." of the code that I could find.

I intend to put them back when I reach the amount, but I have a problem with the invoice and the fact that it is generated when the customer clicks on the pdf icon.

I changed the pdf so my first customers won't see the (tax incl.), but after the "switch", if they want to see an old invoice, it will be re-generated with the new template thus with the (tax incl.).


I think the solution resides in the pdf-invoice.php file, I would like to put a condition checking the order number and, depending on the result, it will either call the classes/PDF.php file or a copy of it with the tax incl. commented.


but how? my php sucks

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ok, I managed to put the condition in and it seems to work:


last lines of pdf-invoice.php

if (((int)($_GET['id_order'])) > 50)PDF::invoice($order); elseif(((int)($_GET['id_order'])) <= 50)PDF::invoice($order)


Here both the orders <=50 and >50 call the same function(or file??) so it's not finished yet.


I don't understand the PDF::invoice


what file/function does it call?

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