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Quick Search in right column kicking up error


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Like a few others, I've placed the Quick Search module in the right column. That creates an error in IE, perhaps other browsers too. Nothing that breaks the site, just the annoying exclamation mark in the bottom left corner of the browser. It may well slow load time too, I'm not sure. I'm aware that it's because the auto-complete script is written for the header and not a column. Is there a solution? Can I move the script too? Or just remove it completely? Or is there a simple module that I can replace the built-in search function with? I don't particularly have brands,features and specifications for my products so most of the [very expensive] modules I've seen are over-functioned for my purpose. www.PioneerHandbooks.com

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It is because Prestashop i snot putting the appropriate js and css files into tthe header as it does when the block is in the left column or at the top. I can't figure out why it's not doing this but a dirty solution is to just hardcode the js and css manullay into the head part or header.tpl

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