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[Solved] Module not found


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I have a module in localhost (localhost / sitename / admin) that works very well ..


But when I put the module online, and I try to configure it, I have an error: Module not found.

When I click on delete, this appears: Cannot load module object.


However the module is well present.


I have also noticed that the logo of the module does not appear, but for other modules it appears.

In localhost, all is good. The logo appears and I can configure, install, remove the module correctly.


The problem is just online. I tried to delete the module and put it back several times .. but nothing works.


Help me please ..

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What actually happened is that in mymodule.php class,


public function __construct()
$this->name = 'MyModule';



This line : $this->name = 'MyModule'; created the error.


It should have been : $this->name = 'mymodule';


On my computer,im using windows, and the problem didnt occur.

But when i uploaded my module on my server,using linux,the uppercase thing caused the error..


I found ps_module and corrected the thing.

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