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uploading a theme


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I am trying to load a free theme fennecs to my shop on presta shop, i downloaded it through a prestashop site but when I try to upload it says that 'Zip file seems to be broken'


can anyone please help as i am really struggling to get this done and without it the site does not look right.


can anyone upload it via ftp if i give them the logins

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Hi rednoisemedia,


The theme you downloaded, can you unzip it without any error?


I also uploaded this theme and at first had this error and am now having a "bad configuration error" come up. I did some research and it looks like the theme won't work in the 1.4 version. I found some directions for creating a new config.xml file for it to work in version 1.4 -- but it still isn't working. Any help that you can provide to upload this theme would be VERY VERY helpful! If I have to go back to an older version of prestashop -- that is fine as well. Please, please help!



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