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Could somebody can tell me (even tell us), why Prestashop say : `you cannot create add downloadable products to a pack`. In fact, I need to upload mp3 files from an album and create a pack, witch is, in reality the complete album. In that way, customer could buy only mp3 files and also the album (the pack).

I want that when customer select a product(a product which correspond to an album), it can see all the song of the album, like in amazon, virginmega.


When I made tests, I saw that if I add non downloadable product in first position, i can next, add downloadable product. When done, I can remove de non downloadable product and now have a pack of downloadable product.


I want to know why prestashop say : `you cannot create add downloadable products to a pack`. And if is there a danger if i make it like that. If there is a danger how can i made to create an album with many mp3 files (single song).


Thank you in advance.


Excuse my english.

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