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Payment with VISA


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Morning. I want to made a module to allow payment with VISA, directly without use an third person like paypal.

A module witch can appear like that in the process command:



Please could somebody tell me why can i do? what it's necessary?

For the code, what is my job and what is the job of my bank or VISA?


What are advantages and disadvantages? I need information.


Thank you in advance.

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You need to use a payment gateway that will process your payments.


You should contact the company you wish to use and ask them if they provide an online API for payments.


By company, you want to say the bank?

So, my bank should have an API that I will use?

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No, I don't mean bank, because it doesn't have to be a bank, and in many cases it's not.


You should ask whoever you plan on using to process your payments, you normally need a processor, and a merchant account (in some cases the same company/bank offer both), the processor is the one you need to contact about the API info.

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Yet another request for inclusion of what should be a basic part of the core code - the lack of an offline credit card processing module as standard in Prestashop is a very serious flaw. Any business of reasonable size will already have a merchant account with their bank and card processing terminals. In that event they will not want - or indeed need to sign up for a payment processing service. This adds more cost to the entire process. There must be many existing and potential users who need this.


There is a free card processing module 'offline credit card v4' made by Fabrice Menoyot that works with v1.4. available online. This should be adopted and included with Prestashop as a standard module. Failing to do so risks alienating real business users! There are a large number of posts on the forum asking for this - When will someone in the dev team address this?

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