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Utf-8 In Url


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I decided to give a try with Prestashop ( I am running japanese shop, therefore I'd like to have also japanese products/categories names in URLs.


Obviously you can't use anything else than alphabet characters and digits. First I tried to use HTML code instead of characters, but all # and ; marks were trimmed. Then I tried to cheat the system and changed value [link_rewrite] in [product_lang] table in database, but it didn't work. Then I checked .htaccess file and realised, that the limitation is caused by RewriteRule.


So here comes my question: how can we, UTF-8 language users (or no abc-users), make nice SEO-friendly URL, so Google would love us and our shops, and our kids have rich parents? ;-)


P.S. I know there is japanese forum, but it seems to be not-so-popular, and still my english is better than japanese.

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