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File Classes/Carrier.Php


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Presta 1.4


The file classes / Carrier.php is a function of:


public function getDeliveryPriceByWeight ($ totalWeight, $ id_zone)


$ Cache_key = $ this-> id .'_'.$ totalWeight .'_'.$ id_zone;


if (! isset (self:: $ priceByWeight [$ cache_key]))


$ Result = Db:: getInstance (_PS_USE_SQL_SLAVE_) -> getRow ('

SELECT d. `price`

FROM `'. _DB_PREFIX_.' Delivery` d

LEFT JOIN `'. _DB_PREFIX_.' Range_weight` w ON (d. `id_range_weight` = w. `id_range_weight`)

WHERE d. `id_zone` = '. (Int) ($ id_zone).'

AND '. (Float) ($ totalWeight).' > = W. `delimiter1`

AND '. (Float) ($ totalWeight).' <W. `delimiter2`

AND d. `id_carrier` = '. (Int) ($ this-> id).'

ORDER BY w. `delimiter1` ASC ');

if (! isset ($ result ['price']))

self:: $ priceByWeight [$ cache_key] = $ this-> getMaxDeliveryPriceByWeight ($ id_zone);


self:: $ priceByWeight [$ cache_key] = $ result ['price'];


return self:: $ priceByWeight [$ cache_key];



I need this function to include the amount of goods from the basket (excluding shipping amount). Tell me how? or where to get this variable.

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I'm not sure why you would want or need to do such a thing. Are you sure you don't need to create a new Carrier module? That function is in the Carrier class and affects all carriers, rather than a specific one.


In fact doesn't Carrier::getDeliveryPriceByPrice() do what you're describing already?


If you really need to change the core behaviour (potentially affecting all carrier modules) then you would override the class (and that specific member function).



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