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CMS Image upload - 404 error?


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Hi can anyone please help. Version 1.4.3


I've just tried to add an image to a CMS page and when I select the browse button to upload from my drive. I get a 404 error. see attached. this has been working fine up to now. But it has suddenly stopped working.


I'm prestashop's 'shop of the week today' and have a lot more traffic to my site, would this have anything to do with it?


PLEASE help, I usually just get completely ignored on here, but I need this working urgently.




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atwitz3nd, try re-uploading the "js" directory for 1.4.3. In the meantime you can upload the images using ftp.



Gotta be file renamed or file path may be changed! Really serious problem! It sure affect SERP as you said. Our technical team can help you get through this issue asap!

Mail us officially at [email protected].

Looking forward to Help You. Thanks for Sharing!


This is a back office issue, it has nothing to do with SERP. I doubt your technical team can help with a problem you fail to identify correctly.

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