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needing extra script to run only if i click on a button


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Ok, here is my issue. I want to put a button on my adminsorders.php that when i click on it it will add.

&action=ups_export&ups_method=GND to the url and as the page reloads it uses case to include the file to the the code. Which should in that file it just lets me download the customers info for a tracking label. Can case be used or should i be doing this a differnt way?



This is all in my adminsorders.php file.


echo '<a href="?tab=AdminOrders&id_order='.$order->id.'&vieworder&action=ups_export&ups_method=GND&token='.$this->token.'"> ups</a>';



/* Display customer information

// ups export

case 'ups_export':

{include file="/ups_print_worldship_xml.php"} ;


// ups_worldship will not return */

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