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List of categories in footer?


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Looking around the forum and I cannot find a solution. Probably because it's such a simple issue!


All I want to do is produce a simple horizontal text list of every category on our store in the footer area of our template regardless of which page the user is on...


I could easily do this with an additional query to the database as I'm not very confident with smarty. However for the sake of performance I would prefer to utilise smarty to do this.


{foreach from=$blockCategTree.children item=child name=blockCategTree}
   {if $smarty.foreach.blockCategTree.last}
       {include file=$branche_tpl_path node=$child last='true'}
       {include file=$branche_tpl_path node=$child}

I've gotten the above from block categories but can't get my head around bringing all categories.


Any help for this noobish request would be very much appreciated!



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while I was writing instruction for you on how to create a new hook to footer in blockcategories,

I checked the source code of module blockcategories in 1.4.3, I found there is existing blockcategories_footer.tpl file and there is existing hookFooter() function in the module.


So I think the function is already there in 1.4.3 and above. if you are using lower, you can just go download the new version of module.


so what you need to do is just to modify the theme file to fit your own needs. And I suggest you create a new one to override existing one instead of changing existing one.


you can add a new theme file at following location




by this, it will override the following one



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