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Google Shopping Changes 2011


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So, guys as you all know Starting from September 2011 google changes the way they accept feed from Merchants. The now require the google product category [google_product_category] - Google's category of the item




"This attribute contains the category of the product according to Google’s product taxonomy. Use either the accepted shortened values listed below or the more detailed, full category paths listed in Google’s product taxonomy.


Any category from Google’s taxonomy must include the full path. For example, 'Apparel & Accessories > Clothing > Jeans' is an acceptable value, but 'Jeans' is not. This attribute only accepts values that are predefined by Google’s taxonomy.


When to include: Required for all items that belong to the 'Apparel and Accessories', 'Media', and 'Software' categories, and are in feeds which target the US, UK, Germany, France, or Japan. If your products do not fall into one of the categories listed below, or if your feed doesn't target one of the required countries, this attribute is recommended but not required. However, this attribute may be required in the future.


If you choose not to provide a 'google product category' value for other product categories, leave the attribute blank. This attribute should be included in addition to, not as a replacement for, the 'product type' attribute. "





Please do not think its product type, because product type is separate thing that is also required by google to be in the feed.


The google shopping Module by Presta now does not have the option to assign the google product category to the item. Otherwords all our feeds that we submit will not have this tag: <g:google_product_category>...and we all will be getting this message when submitting the feed:

"Missing recommended attribute: google product category (744 warnings)"


Any ideas How to add the <g:google_product_category> and assign to the items.?

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I have been trying to figure this out as well. Since most of my products are all in the same google_product_category, I am thinking about coding it into the googlebase.php file, but I have not figured out how. It would be REALY nice if someone could make a module or pluging for prestashop 1.4 that would just give us a dropdown or selectable in the products page that we could use that is already pre-populated with the acceptable data.

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depending on the amount of products you have you can probably update your xml file directly for each item just add the google category tag.. eg

<g:google_product_category>Hardware > Hardware Accessories > Hinges</g:google_product_category>


or you can attempt to modify the module to add other google tags ...

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