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hooking registration


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I'm trying to add some advanced validation fields in registration form, but apparently they are checked after the user has been entered to the database

Can anyone paste a snippet of hookCreateAccount that will return the errors and not add the user to the db?



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I do not think that there are people who will write all solution to you ;)


But you might try to use this kind of error handling:


$this->errors[] = Tools::displayError('Invalid e-mail address');


I am not sure if it works right especially with $this, but it's worth trying.


And the hook is executed in AuthController.php line 187.


EDIT: in addition, the values of form fields are checked before adding to the databse in createAccount hook, so there might be errors in your code.

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I tried. Apparently, according to nethercott, the hook is "Used to run code after a new customer account has been created."


I'll need to either:

- create another hook in the validation, prior to the 'createAccount' hook (which i don't think can be done from a module)

- add some fancy ajax to stop the form from being submitted, thus interfering with the look and feel of presta

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