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[Solved] Configuring port from 8080 to default (80)



i moved my prestashop instance to a new public ip where i can finally use port 80 instead of 8080.
I now have the problem that all links in the shop still point to mydomain.com:8080 instead of mydomain.com but i cant find where i configured this last time.

please help / advice


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My PrestaShop v1.6 runs fine on port 80 but I can't get the shop to run on port 8080 (the admin site does work over port 8080 though...),


What I have done so far:

.) changed httpd.conf to make Apache to listen to port 8080

.) changed httpd_vhosts.conf to make PrestaShop to listen to port 8080

.) restartet APACHE

.) updated PS_configuration_table and set PS_SHOP_DOMAIN to

.) updated IPTABLES to allow communicaiton on port 8080


but it still doesn't work...Any idea as to what I am missing?


I found out that this was a bug which got fixed in v1.4.7 so how comes I still have this issue in v1.6?


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