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[Solved] Problems when I activate Friendly URL!

Mr Pellets

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When I turn on friendly URLs, so changed my url to www.presta.blabla /sv / mydoman.com / product - pellets.html?

And then I can not get into my site.
was supposed to be = www.presta.blabla / mydoman.com / product - pellets.html

The problem is that it adds to /SV/, for any reason, and I think it stands for my language sv = Swedish. how do I fix this or someone who knows what is causing this error?.

Do not go ahead with the extension. Htaccess, but put it there manually, directly under the root /. I'm Using V 1.4.3 by PrestaShop.
Maybe I probably has an error = • Set PHP register global option to turn off. Can it be due to this error?

If I turn off friendly URLs The site works normally, but with the product ID number instead: www.presta.blabla.osv/ produkt_01.html
Have searched and read a lot but nothing works .. Help

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