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anything wrong with my SEO ?


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okay, so I have just tried to do a simple experiment on how well my product get indexed by google.
I have this product called "unazukin".
of course they are not in the first page of google search.
so I add my website name in the search "planetunik", just to test out.

I google "unazukin planetunik".
when they result shows up.
it is like this : please refer to the attachment.

The product page itself is not indexed, the page that shows up is my Home page, about us, new products, contact us, and so on. but just not the product page itself.
So I just wonder what is wrong?


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Building backlinks to your product pages with the keywords you want to target is a good way to get SERP improvements with relevant pages.
It's actually so that you'd be best off with focusing 80% of your efforts to just the individual product pages, and then the 20% to your category with the same keywords. That way you're almost guaranteed to get the money-page in top rank instead of your first page.

Regarding backlinks to your first page - don't bother. It will sort it self out.

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