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Firstly, a big thanks to the Prestashop team. We've been successfully using Prestashop for 18 months and it really is a fantastic product.

Secondly, I'd like to propose 3 features that would make life so much easier and would certainly address the concerns we have about Prestashop...

1) Option to not display out-of-stock products in product listings
Within our shop it is undesirable to display products in the listings if there is no stock left.
Currently these have to be disabled manually which does take a fair amount of time.
This could sit alongside the deny/allow orders toggles on the product details as well as a similar global setting.

2) Delivery and payment method combinations
We offer 2 delivery methods : delivery by post and collection from our address.
For cash-on-delivery from our address there is no charge. For cash-on-delivery by post there is a charge.
It is of course possible to define 2 delivery methods, one for prepaid delivery by post, the other for cash-on-delivery by post. But then, if cash-on-delivery by post is selected there should not be any option for the customer to pre-pay the order.
What is required is the ability to restrict delivery and payment methods to specific combinations.
I am aware of the "shiptopay" module, in fact we have used this until now. But it seems this is such a crucial requirement that it really should go in the core product.

3) Automatic creation of balance vouchers
If someone has a voucher of, say, €20 and they make an order of €10 then a new voucher should automatically be created for the €10 difference.
This would save a lot of time.

In order to get an idea of whether these features are important to other people I've attached a poll. Please add your opinion if you feel the urge!

What would be the possibility of getting these features included in the core product?


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your #1 can be accomplished via a simple override, as posted here:

your #2 "cash-on-delivery from our address"
What? Just setup a free delivery option labeled "local pickup" and be done with it.

your #3
What happens currently?
If a customer holds a 20.00 voucher and purchases a 10.30 order... he doesn't lose the remaining value does he?

Hi Angora,

Thanks for your reply.

For #1, thanks for the workaround. I will implement this but I still maintain that this basic functionality should be a part of the core product. If it can be achieved with such a small change then why is it being promoted in the forum as being a huge amount of work to make it an option?

For #2, maybe I didn't explain properly, but basically I'm asking for the functionality of the "shiptopay" module to be made into core functionality. Different shipping methods often require different payment methods. My main point was that if cash-on-delivery is selected then a charge needs to be levied when the selected delivery method is via the post. I will continue to use "shiptopay" for now as it's a great module and does exactly what it says on the tin!

For #3, unfortunately this does happen (unless there's a new change that I'm unaware of???). When a voucher is used any residual value is lost and has to be manually adjusted onto a new voucher.

Thanks once again, particularly for pointing out the workaround for the out-of-stock products.
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