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How to add the name of manufacturer on the pape of product view, thanks


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How to add the link of manufacturer's name on the pape of home featured model for each product, please?
when I click the link of the name of the manufacturer, there will be all the products belonging to the manufacture. thanks?
I directly add '$manufacturer.name' into homefeatured.tpl, however, it did not dispaly the name of manufacturer.
Could you help me, please?

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1-) Add following line in product.tpl where you want to show manufacturur

Manufacturur -> id_manufacturer}">{$product->manufacturer_name}

You can use prestashop default module Manufacturers block listed in fornt office section in module list

admin-> module->Front office feature-> Manufacturers block

if you want to change module position you can edit by changing hook position

admin-> module->Front office feature-> Manufacturers block ->Manage Hooks-> then darg and drop module to desired poistion prestashop v1.4.2.5 and then save

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Hi alphabet. St

first of all I am sorry, I missed complete code

I am trying to write complete code in editior but skips href code please download attachment manufactrur.txt to get complete code

here is complete code with proper link

getmanufacturerLink($product.id_manufacturer, $manufacturer.link_rewrite)}" title="{l s='More about' mod='blockmanufacturer'} {$product.manufacturer_name}">{$product.manufacturer_name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}

If your problem has been resolved please mark it as solved


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