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v0.9.7 - 'Import A Language Pack' Bug

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Hi everyone,


We've just realized that the Import A Language Pack feature in Back Office >> Tools >> Translations >> (under "Translations exchange") in PrestaShop v0.9.7.2 is not working.  After importing a language, all fields are blank.

We will fix this for the next release!


However, you can work around it in the meantime. It is a tedious but straightforward process:


1) Unzip the translation file (.gzip) manually. The unzipped archive should contain three folders: modules, themes, and translations.

2) Via FTP, upload the file contained in each subfolder to the corresponding subfolder in your PrestaShop root directory.

3) Reboot the Back Office.


We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this bug has caused. :-[


(Special thanks to our users graes0 and cutmedia for helping us to discover this serious malfunction.)

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is there a useable way to ex and import the translations from the database (*_lang tables)?


i think that a must change to the current numbered index is to change the index like all other language files are handled (de, gb, fr, instead of 1 2 3).

that would be a first step to improve compatibility between different PS installations.


best regards

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  • 5 months later...

Using ver 1.0 stable the translation in Back office Tool is still not working? When I import my language gzip, I can see that almost all is translated but if I try to add or change words and then save the new modifications a lot of the translation dissapear next time I open a section such as Fields, Modules aso. What is the problem... bug or not? Somebody has a solution?

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hello, i tested now the Beta 4 and i think i have the same or another problem with the language import. Under Translations i can import the languagefile in gzip format, but if i set the new language with the name, shorttag, and these 2 pictures after pressing return nothing happen and no choice of my new language! What can i do?

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