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Home page featured product help urgently required


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Hi Everyone

I need some help please.
I cannot get my featured products to go across the width instead of in a column

I've attached a screen shot to show you what Ii mean. I've disabled the module until I get a response as this is a live site



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Please can an expert/moderator help me with this one.

I really need to sort this, as I need the featured products to be on my home page to allow my mobile module to work and display products to customers logging in via their mobile phones

Many thanks in advance


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Please can someone give me some pointers on this one.
There are many skilled Prestashop users out there and your knowledge would be greatly appreciated.
Please spend a couple of minutes to help me if you can

Many thanks


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It's impossible to know what's going on just by looking at that image.

It seems like a CSS / html issue, it could be something very small, or could be that new code needs to be written to align them properly.

If you have any specific question, I'm sure you will have a better chance to get an answer.

If you are waiting for someone to write you a new code to align the products properly, you will probably be waiting for a while

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Thanks very much for your comments

When you say alter your CSS do you mean for me to add this into CSS related to the header.tpl or do I just put this code anywhere in the global css

div . block_content ul {


Much appreciated

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Just added the code to the end of my theme's global CSS and then reistalled the featured products and it didn't change the view, it remains verticle.
I will show you what I did on a screen shot


Also I can send you the source code for my header.tpl which may give more clues as to whats wrong if you think it will help


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ok their is css issue on your page it seems you have change original css or class applied on featured block

please make sure that their is class product_block on featured product div and then

check for following css in global.css if not present then add these line

#center_column .products_block ul {
width: 540px; /* total width = no of li * li width */
#center_column .products_block ul li {
float: left;
margin-top: 0;
padding: 0 0 1px;
width: 133px;

If problem still persist write inline css it might be possible your css is clashing with other css
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Hi Vivek

This is the code for the featured products and the line you suggest is already present i.e

I put the other code in the global CCS in my theme and it still the same. Perhaps I am doing something wrong

Thanks for your comments
Regards Gillian
PS . I have left the module installed for a while so you can see.

<!-- MODULE Home Featured Products -->

{l s='recently arrived' mod='homefeatured'}

{if isset($products) AND $products}

{assign var='liHeight' value=200}
{assign var='nbItemsPerLine' value=4}
{assign var='nbLi' value=$products|@count}
{assign var='nbLines' value=$nbLi/$nbItemsPerLine|ceil}
{assign var='ulHeight' value=$nbLines*$liHeight}


{l s='No featured products' mod='homefeatured'}


<!-- /MODULE Home Featured Products -->
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