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As far as I know this was a big issue (or still is) of PS, that it’s very difficult to set up the EU VAT rules properly.

Here’s what I would like to achieve:

1: Customer is a private person
-Charge VAT. According to your own countries rules.

2: Customer is a business from your own member state:
-Charge VAT.

3: Customer is a business from another EU member state:
-Don't charge VAT.

Also, in the registration form businesses from abroad need to add their EU VAT number, otherwise VAT will be charged.

Does anyone have a module that can do this? Or anyone could develop such a module for PS 1.4?


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I am no longer sure whether the above issue has anything to do with the VAT validation, as that part seems to be working correctly. The customers are just not being hooked up to the correct Tax Rule for some reason.

If I change anything in the VAT rates in the VAT-liable group, then the change is immediately implemented on the VAT-exempt group too.

I am at a complete loss here… Any suggestions what may be causing this? I have gone over - what I believe to be - all options a few times already, including country of origin, all the tax settings in the configuration screen and the tax rules.


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