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Layout - global.css and footer.tpl


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Hello. I use v.

I modified the file prestashop/themes/css/global.css, inserting some code taken from another template.
Such as:

{ background: url(”../img/BG-main_content_bottom.png”) no-repeat scroll center bottom transparent; height: 59px; position: relative;

Then I modified the file prestashop\themes\prestashop\footer.tpl adding the following code:

Copyright ©2011 . All rights reserved By Company | Privacy Policy

All that should bring a bar at the bottom page and all the data of #footleft and #footertext (they too were inserted in global.css).
But it doesn’t work. No change. I have put other code in global.css and I can see some changes about the layout, but not that above.
Images are loaded, all seems ok. I made all the cycle after the full installation – not before.
Can you help me?
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