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Prestashop - UPS Module not taking into account Handling charges

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Just wondering if it is me or if anyone has seent that the UPS Module (UPS Carrier v1.1 by PrestaShop
) which is great other then it does not add the handling charge ....

Also if it could be made in future versions to have a check box to allow the UPS fees be taxable or nonaxable when first setting up) as shiiping charges can be taxable in europe.

Thank You

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Both the developer of module and myself have been making minor updates to the modules which may or may not be live on the newest version or SVN...


By default the module disables prestashop's handling fee. Rather then enable it, I had added handling fee field to the module to set its own handling fee. I did this because I personally add a higher charge to USPS because they lose more packages then deliver it seems. That both "self insures" and encourages using the other options.. Check out the thread here:



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