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Password sent to customers in plain txt


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I wish I knew how to fix this. I have some really angry customers. Heck even the password reset sends a plain test password. Sure I can edit the registration email template but how do I fix the password reset?

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What I have done is the following:



1) Prevented password being sent in 'Welcome' email to customers upon registration.


I have deleted this part from the HTML code in account.html:

<br >Password: <strong>{passwd}</strong>


And deleted this from the account.txt:

Password: {passwd}


You can find these files in the /mails/xx folder (xx being your language code). Modify these files and upload them back again.


I added to both txt and HTML e-mail files a notification that passwords are not sent out for security reasons.


You should also be able to remove these password queries in your BO->Tools->Translations->E-mail template translations. But I don't like working with the built-in editor as it messes up my HTML code. The trick proposed in the previous (older) topic was to comment out the code, but perhaps that doesn't work with the built-in e-mail editor (possibly it removes comment tags from HTML code).



2) When customers forget their password, they can apply for a new one. They will then receive an e-mail (password.html or password.txt) with a new and randomly generated password. I have added text in this e-mail, urging them to change the new password in one of their own choice as soon as possible.

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