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Show extra information of the current product combination in extra tab


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I'm working on a module that will show extra information of a product combination in a new tab. Yes, I know that there are already quite some threads here about showing extra tabs with product information, and they are really helpful, but I want a little bit more.

I've used this thread as an example: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/92243/third_party_modules/almostmodule_tabbed_description

and it works fine, but this module also only shows information about the product, not about the current selected combination.

I have implemented the hookProductTab() and hookProductTabContent() functions, and I know that I can use Tools::getValue('id_product') to get the current product id, but is it possible to get information about the current selected combination?

For example; I have a product "iPod", with product id 2.
under this I have different combinations:
iPod - color: black, reference: IPODBLACK001
iPod - color: green, reference: IPODGREEN001
iPod - color: blue, reference: IPODBLUE001

however, the Tools::getValue('id_product') always returns 2 if one of those is selected, so I still don't know which combination it is.
is there any way to detect which of those combinations is selected?

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