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External Database Link and update


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Hi All,

I've been looking in the forum and I can seem to find anything.
One of my suppliers has provided a line that could be really interesting for me.
"Make a direct connection between your shop and our productdatabase"
And gives the PHP code to do this. Funny thing is I have no idea how to do this! Arg!

Here is the code and what should I do with this to link my Presta database with their file.


// Example source code; import of productlist

$login = "XXXX"; // Fill in your username / customerid
$password = "XXXX"; // Fill in your password

$filename = "http://blablabla.com/pricelist.php?action=pricelist&productid=on&name_english=on&description_english=on&price=on&salesprice=on&stock=on&plaintext=on&admin;_username=".$login."&admin;_password=".$password;

// Get the pricelist into an array.
$lines = file($filename);
// Loop through our array
foreach ($lines as $line_num => $line) {
echo "Line #{$line_num} : " . htmlspecialchars($line) . "



$column = explode ( '"~"', $line ); // use the "~" as explode char
echo $column[0] . " productid

echo $column[1] . " name

echo $column[2] . " info

echo $column[3] . " price

// etc

// Insert / update the product in your database
//Example sqlcode $sql = "INSERT INTO `product` ( `productid` , `name` , `info`) VALUES ('".$column[0]."', '".$column[1]."', '".$column[2]."')";


Oh great [spam-filter]'s of Prestashop, can anyone help me on this one? or direct me to a page if this has been resolved already.

Many thanks,
Beast regards,

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