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Viewed products does not change

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The viewed product module never changes its content. It always and only shows the first product I viewed when I first viewed the site. Let me supply some info in anticipation of some questions

* Using Prestashop 1.4.1
* Have Friendly URL option on
* I have varied the Viewed Product module to display 2, 3, 4 etc still only shows the same and only one
* Same results with Chrome 11, Internet Explorer 8 & 9, Firefox 3.5 & 4
* Tried on 5 different computers in different locations
* Cleared out the cookies and cache
* Tried viewing from a mobile phone
* The URLs for the friendly URLs generated by Prestashop do not appear to be broken
* Saw refernces to this problem within bug tracker but no real solution

I see it working well on the demo at prestashop.com. My best guess is the friendly url option might be the problem. I noticed that the prestshop.com demo does not use it and the viewed product module works fine. I Need the friendly url feature so I really cant turn it off. Would greatly appreciate some suggestions.

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Still hoping/looking for an answer. I did a new install and tried different computers but problem persist. The "Viewed Product" never changes. It still stays the same no matter how many different products I view.

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Hola que tal, un saludo...

Soy Mexicano y uso el traductor google para escribirte, por eso mi ingles es malo!

Yo he notado el mismo problema con el modulo de productos vistos, esto empezó a surgir para las fechas en que surgio IE9 y al paracer Microsoft y otros navegadores hicieron cambios en su ingeniería por compatibilidad, pero antes de esto, el modulo trabajaba correctamente.

Lo que tambien me he percatado es que la instalación por defecto que incluye los 100 modulos, si tiene el modulo operando de manera correcta y cada que se ve un nuevo producto, este se incluye en la lista del modulo y desplaza al primero que se vió.

Haciendo instalaciones en localhost sin usar SEO ni urls amigables el problema perciste.

Espero contribuyas conmigo para solucionar justos este problema que segun he visto en el foro, es un problema generalizado.

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Hello that such a greeting ...

I'm Mexican and I use the google translator to write, so my English is bad!

I've noticed the same problem with the module of products viewed, this began to emerge for the dates that emerged paracer IE9 and Microsoft and other browsers made ​​changes to its engineering for compatibility, but before that, the module was working properly.

I also have noticed is that the default installation that includes the 100 modules if the module is operating correctly and every time you see a new product, this is included in the list scrolls to the first module and that he was .

Making localhost installations without using SEO friendly urls problem or perch.

I hope you contribute with me to solve this problem just as I have seen in the forum, is a widespread problem.

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