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Prestashop Worldpay Module


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Hi there,

I recently purchased and installed the worldpay module for a client. Everything is configured as it should be but my customers are not getting their accounts updated and my client is not recieving email notifications when a purchase is made. The only part of the configuration that I could see as a problem is that there is a password in the world pay configuration that is not mentioned anywhere in the prestashop configuration. from memory, this is called a Payment response password. it has Asterisks in the input box but as I mentioned, I cannot find anything that references this in the worldpay module configuration or anything.
I have looked around the forums and I can't find anything but a single reference to this but it doesn't mention what relevance this password has. I have also emailed the Support email for the module and I get absolutely nothing back.

Does anyone have any thoughts.

-Dave Robilliard

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Anyone? I can't get through to a single person at prestashop. I paid 200 euros for this module and I need to get it sorted. I know that this forum is for developers and really, it's not your problem. but I am at a loss, this module was developed by the people that built Prestashop. It should work.

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Hi Dave,

I also purchased the WorldPay module and couldn't make it work. Orders didn't get updated and I got no confirmation page. Support did offer some help and after going backwards and forwards all day I eventually managed to get a module from them that kind of worked. Orders got updated and I got a confirmation screen.

The whole episode was disgraceful. They obviously hadn't tested the module and only worked on it after I bought it.

As you say, the secure payment response password is completely ignored. I'm going to try and write that in somehow.

I've tried to install the module on another site today and just end up with a blank screen. That's why I'm searching around now. For £200 you'd expect to get a tested solution that actually works! At the moment it's costing lots more in wasted time.

Let me know if you make any progress. I can email you over the module they sent me if it helps.


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I totally agree, I feel incredibly insulted and ripped off by their slap-dash deployment of a £200 module. I would be really grateful if you could send me what they sent you. it would be a load off my mind. this has been broken for ages. my client is having to pay for worldpay and use paypal.
I couldn't even get any support. If anyone else is thinking of buying this module, don't bother. But yeah. I will PM you my email address.

Thanks a lot.


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