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Hi Guys,

Is it possible to use multiple database prefixes to share a products database and various other db tables between multiple Prestashop installs? All installs will be on the same database using alternative prefixes.

I intended to use alternative default 'languages' (all in english but unique text for site specific blurb, editable from the first admin panel) to alter descriptions etc across different domains, then manage categories in each individual install from a central products database.

Say my default install uses the ps_ DB prefix and a second install uses sp_ the setup would be like this:

- ps_category 1
--- ps_product 1
--- ps_product 2

- sp_category 1
--- ps_product 1
- sp_category 2
--- pc_product 2

Orders, customers, categories, admin users, SEO URLs, reports would all be site specific and keep the default database prefix. Products, manufacturers, suppliers, languages etc would all be central.

Any ideas if this is possible?

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How does the second instance of Prestashop read this data? Is there an option or module for the second instance to rely on the webservice of the first?

I'm basically looking to create a multi-shop solution. One admin panel, several store fronts.

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