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blocklayered 1.3 on prestashop 1.4.1 not working


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Hi All,

could you help me to understand what is the problem.
I used Firebug and I receive this error:

result is null
success()blocklayered.js (line 101)
result = undefined
handleError()jquery....min.js (line 142)
a = Object { url="http://www.shopalldata....2&id_category_layered=2", global=true, more...}
b = XMLHttpRequest { mozResponseArrayBuffer=ArrayBuffer, status=200, more...}
d = "success"
e = undefined
onreadystatechange()jquery....min.js (line 141)
m = readystatechange
[break On This Error] $('#tmp_layered_block_left').html(r...k).attr('id', 'layered_block_left');
blocklayered.js (line 101

Could you help me to fix the error and let the module run properly.
Thanks a lot,


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