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Hello guys (and gals),

I wrote a new little feature for prestashop and I wanna poll if there's any interest in it.

The page is fairly simple. It shows all products in the database that are activated/enabled. It uses pagination and the products-per-page setting to display only a number of products each time, very similar to Search results, Best Sales, Category views and NewProducts.

My version was written for PS 1.3.2. The addition consists of two pages (allproducts.php and allproducts.tpl) and two functions that need to be inserted into the Product class (/classes/Product.php). I could not find any function already in ps 1.3.2 that did the same job. The fact that a core file needs to be modified, possibly frustrating future updates, is the reason I came here and see if those two functions can be added to the Product class in the main version.

At this stage I first wanna see if there's a bite before going public with it. If the feature gets considered, I'll publicize the source code for it under the normal licence so people can scrutinize the code for errors. I'm not used to open source publications so forgive me if I say something ridiculous. IF it is decided to add it to the mainstream version, I'll gladly surrender my claims to IP on the code I wrote. However if it's not added, I'll modify it and put it up as a paid module instead.

So what do you guys think?

with regards,

Edit: screenshot added.
Edit: To prevent confusion: Allproducts in this stage is a full-size page and not a module hooked into Home


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In its current state, even though the code is as clean as a whistle, I might not.

It was written to work under v1.3.2 of prestashop and I can not claim it works under newer versions. Haven't tested that yet. Also, making a module version of it as well has crossed my mind. But before I can do that, I gotta figure out how to get the two tailor-made functions to work outside of one of the core files. My schedule is pretty jammed, I frequently have to postpone working on niceties like this because of lack of time; the current version was an open assignment (see if it's possible and if so, make it so) the boss gave; it works now in my website so I'm expected to move on.

That's why I am prepared to share the current version with the devs under whatever open source licence, so they could further develop it. Integrate it or do whatever with it as they see fit. If they aren't interested, I don't want someone else to haul off with the code and sell it themselves after only a minor modification. If anyone deserves the right to do that, I think that would be me. I'm a bit on uncertain terrain though; I've always been a closed-source programmer/scripter that gets paid per line/block of code, and that gets a bonus if the code has good performance, is polymorphic, has multiple uses or a combination of any of the above.

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It sounds like you would be better re-developing it as a modification for PS 1.4

You can extend the Product class, and add a new controller fairly easily in 1.4, but as you say in 1.3.x doing this would require modification to the core. I'm not sure that the PS devs would be looking at adding new functionality to 1.3 when 1.4 is released and 1.5 is in development....

It's possible that there's a market for mods to 1.3.x though; for people who don't want to (or can't because of a multitude of undocumented customisations!) upgrade.


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