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Error checking during module installation


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While developing custom modules I noticed that sometimes they get installed even if some of my checks fail. I click install, I get an error "Module wasn't installed correctly", then I refresh the page and it shows up as "Installed".

The usual module installation process looks like this:

if (!parent::install() OR !$this->registerHook('header') OR *other custom checks*)
 return false;
 return true;

I checked the parent::install() function and found the following line (Module.php):

$result = Db::getInstance()->AutoExecute(_DB_PREFIX_.$this->table, array('name' => $this->name, 'active' => 1), 'INSERT');

So, if I understand correctly, parent::install() function inserts the module into installed modules table after doing some default checks. Since in our module we use it BEFORE any other check, it installs the module and only AFTER IT'S INSTALLED performs all other checks. If any of them fail, our install() function returns false and we get an error "Module wasn't installed successfully", but the module IS ALREADY in the installed modules table, so after refreshing the page it's listed as "Installed".

I'm really looking for an answer from PS devs here, since I've been issues recently when my modules showed up as "Installed" in spite of my custom checks failing. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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