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Hi all,
I am new to Presta and I think its great from what I have seen.

But I have a problem. I would like to change the design of the shop.

I went to prestashop-templates.com and downloaded one. It installed fine. But its looks abit off.

I am running version 1.1 the template is for 0.96 or something.

Is there a way I can just use HTML templates or an easy guide to edit the .tpl's?

If anyone can help please let me know as I really would like to test this script out.

Thank you in advance :-)

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yes, you can just edit the tpl files in your theme, but if its just styling (rendering on screen) you can probably just look at your global.css file in your theme and make changes as required.

the templates exist in two key places (if you need to edit HTML or indeed the smarty code), in the theme and in the modules themselves. However the global.css should generally be used to apply CSS styling to all of your frontOffice website (what the visitor sees)

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