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Combinations and quantities (stock)


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I need a way to add combinations to some products without affecting the stock. We sell rings and we make them always in one fixed size. We offer the possibility to adjust the ring's size, but if we put each size as one combination, we end with a stock that is equal to the real stock multiplied by the number of sizes... I've developed a simple module for Prestashop 1.4.1 that substracts the same quantity to all product's combinations when one is purchased and it works, but I think that this is not the best way to manage it... It would be alright if I could put all the sizes in one combination, but if I do so, I can't know what size did the customer choose, cause all sizes of the combination appear together in the cart.. and here comes my question:
¿Is there a way to develop a module to know which single option of the combination did the customer select, and would it be possible to show it in the shopping cart? I only need some orientation, not a complete solution :)
Thank you very much and sorry for my english... :)

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Thanks for your answer Marty Shue. I'll try to explain it better using images:
I define some attributes for one product in one single combination as shown in Image 1. In this case they are sizes (tallas) 10 to 17. I want to do it this way because I've got only 5 rings already made, which size I can adapt from 10 to 17. If I'll define a combination for each size, I'd end with an apparent stock of 40 rings, and that's a big problem, cause I only have 5 (in this example)...
The customer can see the sizes correctly in product's detail view, and selects (for example) size 14, as shown in Image 2.
But when the customer accesses the shopping cart there's a big problem: it shows all the sizes of the combination (Image 3), not only the one selected, and I neither have a way to know which size did she select.
That's what I'm looking for: if there's a way to develop a component to know which size did the customer select and to show it correctly in the shopping cart. If it isn't possible, I'd like to know if someone knows a better approach to solve this problem with attributes an stock control...
I hope this time the question is clear :)
Thanks for your time, and regards from Spain!





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Hi Jaime!

Now I understand what you are trying to do. I actually just encountered this same exact problem on a Prestashop site I just completed. It is very easily solved :)

All you need to do is create an attribute for each individual ring size. Instead of entering multiple attributes only enter one attribute at a time. This will work exactly as you have it in the drop down menu but it will ony enter one ring size when the customer goes to checkout.

I hope you understand what I'm saying. If you need further help please let me know.

Marty Shue

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Hi Marty Shue!

Thank you for your answer. I know that I can do it that way, but there's a problem with stock control then, cause each attribute has its own stock, and what I need in this particular case is a global stock control for all attributes (sizes)...
If I've got 5 rings that I can adapt to 7 sizes, I need Prestashop to show that there are 5 rings in stock, not 35... If I sell a ring of, lets say, size 14, I need all sizes showing up that there are 4 units left now, but Prestashop thinks that each size has its own stock, and it shows that there are 4 rings of size 14 and 5 rings of each one of the other sizes, and that is very confusing, cause those rings are limited editions with a fixed number of units of each model...
So I need a way to make these attributes not to affect stock, or a way to know what attribute did my customers select using the method showed above... It's a big problem for me and I don't know what can I do to solve it...
I hope you understand what I’m saying, cause I know that my English is not very good...:)
Thanks again!


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Hi all, Jamie,

I've just encountered the same problem. In my case we have "on demand" products, but we want to limit their production quantity to increase exclusivity. But yeah, we'd like to offer options, in which the products will be produced.

Did you - or anyone - found a solution to re-enable global stock management on products with combinations?

Thanks in advance.

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Midiman, did you ever solve this?


I have the same problem.


I sell art.


I have only one copy of the art but I want to offer it with a black or white frame or with no frame.


So I have 3 combinations.


I can't set each quantity to 1 because I only have 1! :huh:

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I am also looking for a solution to this issue...

3 years later and still nothing?


I would like to add a optional warranty to the product, but if I add combinations I would end up with twice the real stock and may end up selling items that are not stocked (which is not a option).

To make this more difficult, I have other products where the stock levels of the products should be kept separate, so removing 1 from all combinations of all products would not work...


Any help would be much appreciated

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