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erreur de syntax dans le fichier ajax.php

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cela continu, voici une erreur de syntax à la ligne 98 : Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ':' in /admin/ajax.php on line 98
voici ce que j'ai a cette ligne et la suite:

$products = Db::getInstance()->ExecuteS('
   SELECT p.`id_product`, pl.`name`
   FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'product` p
   NATURAL LEFT JOIN `'._DB_PREFIX_.'product_lang` pl
   WHERE pl.`id_lang` = '.(int)(Tools::getValue('id_lang')).'
   AND p.`id_product` != '.(int)(Tools::getValue('id_product')).'
   AND p.`id_product` NOT IN (
       SELECT a.`id_product_2`
       FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'accessory` a
       WHERE a.`id_product_1` = '.(int)(Tools::getValue('id_product')).')
   ORDER BY pl.`name`');

   foreach ($products AS $accessory)
       $jsonArray[] = '{"value: "'.(int)($accessory['id_product']).'-'.addslashes($accessory['name']).'", "text":"'.(int)($accessory['id_product']).' - '.addslashes($accessory['name']).'"}';
   die('['.implode(',', $jsonArray).']');

if (isset($_GET['ajaxDiscountCustomers']))
   global $cookie;

   $currentIndex = 'index.php?tab=AdminDiscounts';
   $jsonArray = array();
   $filter = Tools::getValue('filter');

   if (Validate::isBool_Id($filter))
       $filterArray = explode('_', $filter);

   $customers = Db::getInstance()->ExecuteS('
   SELECT `id_customer`, `email`, CONCAT(`lastname`, \' \', `firstname`) as name
   FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'customer`
   WHERE `deleted` = 0 AND is_guest = 0
   AND '.(Validate::isUnsignedInt($filter) ? '`id_customer` = '.(int)($filter) : '(`email` LIKE "%'.pSQL($filter).'%"
   '.((Validate::isBool_Id($filter) AND $filterArray[0] == 0) ? 'OR `id_customer` = '.(int)($filterArray[1]) : '').'
   '.(Validate::isUnsignedInt($filter) ? '`id_customer` = '.(int)($filter) : '').'
   OR CONCAT(`firstname`, \' \', `lastname`) LIKE "%'.pSQL($filter).'%"
   OR CONCAT(`lastname`, \' \', `firstname`) LIKE "%'.pSQL($filter).'%")').'
   ORDER BY CONCAT(`lastname`, \' \', `firstname`) ASC
   LIMIT 50');

   $groups = Db::getInstance()->ExecuteS('
   SELECT g.`id_group`, gl.`name`
   FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'group` g
   LEFT JOIN `'._DB_PREFIX_.'group_lang` AS gl ON (g.`id_group` = gl.`id_group` AND gl.`id_lang` = '.(int)($cookie->id_lang).')
   WHERE '.(Validate::isUnsignedInt($filter) ? 'g.`id_group` = '.(int)($filter) : 'gl.`name` LIKE "%'.pSQL($filter).'%"
   '.((Validate::isBool_Id($filter) AND $filterArray[0] == 1) ? 'OR g.`id_group` = '.(int)($filterArray[1]) : '')).'
   ORDER BY gl.`name` ASC
   LIMIT 50');

   $json = '{"customers" : ';
   foreach ($customers AS $customer)
       $jsonArray[] = '{"value":"0_'.(int)($customer['id_customer']).'", "text":"'.addslashes($customer['name']).' ('.addslashes($customer['email']).')"}';
   $json .= '['.implode(',', $jsonArray).'],
       "groups" : ';
   $jsonArray = array();
   foreach ($groups AS $group)
       $jsonArray[] = '{"value":"1_'.(int)($group['id_group']).'", "text":"'.addslashes($group['name']).'"}';
   $json .= '['.implode(',', $jsonArray).']}';


j'espere que cela suffit, car je debute et ne connais pas le langage PHP.


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