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[Tutorial] creating a module from scratch


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This a series of video tutorials specifically for creating a module for PrestaShop 1.4, small amount of php, javascript, and html knowledge is needed to understand the basics.

The link to the playlist is this: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?p=PL53A971437D261880

This consits of 20 parts and each part around 15 minutes long. I already have a topic for youtube tutorials on prestashop developement but this series needed a topic of it's own. This how the parts are arranged:
Part 1 (The core files and explination overview) - done
Part 2 (Barebones) - done
Part 3 (Creating configuration page) - done
Part 4 (Images and external files) - done
Part 5 (hooks) - done
Part 6 (Creating and destroying tables) - done
Part 7 (Getting information) - done
Part 8 (Adding information) - done
Part 9 (Changing information) - done
Part 10 (Deleting information) - uploading
Part 11 (Designing tables) - uploading
Part 12 (Reading user information) - uploading
Part 13 (Back office styling and icons) - needs to be done
Part 14 (Building php form) - needs to be done
Part 15 (Ajax form handling) - needs to be done
Part 16 (Copying, creating, and deleting files) - needs to be done
Part 17 (Language files) - needs to be done
Part 18 (Hook styling) - needs to be done
Part 19 (Hook transplanting) - needs to be done
Part 20 (Manage with git) - needs to be done
Part 21 (Manage with github) - needs to be done
Part 22 (Module support and advertising) - needs to be done
Part 23 (Hosting on prestashop addons) - needs to be done
Part 24 (Hosting on your own prestashop store) - needs to be done

Let me know what you think, and hope this is a useful and powerful resource for those who have no idea where to look or start on this subject. Thanks

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nice job! But I also got one question. Will there be some part about creating module with some object extending ObjectModel ? Creating, updating, deleting objects ? And i dont't have on mind simple DB->Execute('query') in base module php file like in blockcms module but rather something more like blockwishlist.

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Sorry about the wait redid the recent ones because I wanted to split it into smaler parts to add more detail and fit the youtube upload limit.

As promised in my latest blog video I have been making at least 2 tutorials everyday now and having them online as soon as editing and uploading is done. This series is now 24 Parts long but a lot more parts up now for you to watch :)

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hey ,

I am trying to learn prestashop module development ...your videos are a great guide..

In your videos i cant see video 6.


if someone could point out any documentation /video for database table creation / Updation / and display queries...Would be of great help to me


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