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partial or complete backup?


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i manually updated prestashop version from to Online guide that i've followed to do this told me to modify some things before starting...

changes to the prestashop folder (the folder on the site) --> elimination of vendor folder to avoid any conflicts.

changes to the prestashop folder (new version folder)  ---> elimination of img and override folders and rename admin folder with the same name of admin folder in prestashop folder.

after these changes, following the guide, i copied and pasted the folder into the folder.

so can i think that all other folder have been overwritten??

if it is right, instead to back up everything could i backup only "override" folder and img folder? (obviously also the database)

thank you very much to anyone who answers me


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Copying files manually is not recommend, it might have worked because of minor upgrade but in general there are also database updated and other steps to be excuted. Rather use 1-click-module with additional full backup before (the module created another backup but manual might be more reliable)

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