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I every time you press enter the search bar takes you to a search page I need to prevent that from happening, I need the search bar just to propose products and when clicking on the product it opens the product it self, and when press enter not to take me anywhere.

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sorry but what do you mean by handle the keyup event? 

this is the file: 

$(document).ready(function () {
    var $searchWidget = $('#search_widget');
    var $searchBox    = $searchWidget.find('input[type=text]');
    var searchURL     = $searchWidget.attr('data-search-controller-url');
    var $clearButton  = $searchWidget.find('i.clear');

    $.widget('prestashop.psBlockSearchAutocomplete', $.ui.autocomplete, {
        _renderItem: function (ul, product) {
            var image = (product.cover) ? product.cover : prestashop.urls.no_picture_image;
            var $img = $('<img class="autocomplete-thumbnail" src="'+image.bySize.small_default.url+'">');
            return $("<li>")

    var isMobile = function() {
        return $(window).width() < 768;
    var autocompletePosition = function() {
      return {
        my: 'right top',
        at: 'right bottom',
        of: isMobile() ? '.header-top' : '#search_widget',

        position: autocompletePosition(),
        source: function (query, response) {
            $.post(searchURL, {
                s: query.term,
                resultsPerPage: 10
            }, null, 'json')
            .then(function (resp) {
        select: function (event, ui) {
            var url = ui.item.url;
            window.location.href = url;

    $(window).resize(function() {
        position: autocompletePosition(),

    $clearButton.click(function() {

    $searchBox.keyup(function() {
        $clearButton.toggle($searchBox.val() !== "" && isMobile());


I try to change: var searchURL     = $searchWidget.attr('data-search-controller-url');        to:var searchURL     = $searchWidget.attr(''); but the result is the same nothing changes what should I change in here? 

thank you a lot for your help

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Hello 👋🏻!

Personally, I would strongly advise against recommending edits to module files, as they may change upon updating. A decidedly superior solution is to create your own file with custom JavaScript code that augments the desired functionalities. For instance, in a given situation with a classic theme in the /themes/classic/assets/js/ folder, create a file (in example: custom.js) containing the code:

document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', searchWidgetDisableEnter);

function searchWidgetDisableEnter() {
  const searchWidget = document.getElementById('search_widget');
  if (!searchWidget) return;
  const searchBox = searchWidget.querySelector('input[type=text]');

  searchBox.addEventListener('keydown', (event) => {
    if (event.key === 'Enter') {

Subsequently, include information within the theme about new JavaScript file (so it knows to load it) in the /themes/classic/config/theme.yml under the line with assets:

      - id: custom-js
    path: assets/js/custom.js

I trust this answer has provided some clarity for your situation. If anything remains unclear or you need more help, just let me know.
Good luck! 🚀

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