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Xml for Google merch and center, products with minimum quantity

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The last 20 days, Google merchant center, 1000s products have been disabled with the following error

Inaccurate price
The error is

"Don't submit the price for a single product if a minimum number of products is required "
I sell among others, printed with minimum purchase quantity, 20 
You can buy 20, or more ( 21 , 23 . 25 )

This in not a pack 20,40,60 etc
I purchased from addons,  251,99 €, Google Merchant Center PRO (Google Shopping) by Business Tech, no luck

After many days of talking from addons platform, the final answer is

"Unfortunately our module doesn't do this and follows the Google documentation with the official Google tags. The module code is open and you can modify it for your specific needs.

Bady - BusinessTech"

Anyone knows a module which can use ?



Official Google guidelines


Business cards

Product data for 50 business cards, priced at 13.38 EUR


Title [title]50 custom made business cards

Unit pricing measure [unit_pricing_measure]50 ct

Unit pricing base measure [unit_pricing_base_measure]1 ct

Price [price]13.38 EUR

Displayed value:€0,27 / 1 ct



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