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Prestashop 8.1 - Backoffice order create - edit product name - taxes

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I'm looking for a suitable module or modules that makes it possible in PrestaShop 8.1.5 to add functionaliteit to the backoffice order create.


1. We would like to be able to change the product name before it is send to the cart block. For example change the selected product name "custom product" to "Red ethernet 20m". (We have a lot of custom crafted products)

2. Within the cart block we would like to see and able to change the prices exclusive and inclusive taxes.


We installed the following module, which does a great job! But only after the order is created. We want this functionality before the order is created. See: https://addons.prestashop.com/nl/orderbeheer/18850-bestelling-bewerken-voltooide-bestellingen-bewerken.html



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Thanks for your reply.

Since i couldn't find any, i build one over the weekend. I had to made some compromise because i couldn't overwrite or attach to the typescript.

So before adding the product to the cart i adjust the name and calculate the exclusive price if a price is entered.

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I recommend you a module, I don't know if it can solve your problem:
1. Using the customization method, customers can customize their own needs. You put the product name in the customization item, and customers can enter it themselves
2. You can freely set the price according to different customization items. After the customer purchases, the system will automatically calculate the price.
The module connection is:


I hope it can help you.

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