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What are the key considerations for creating an online store to sell our products?

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Hello everyone!

 I arm considering creating an online store to sell our products. As the person responsible for the development of the store, I have been researching different eCommerce platforms. It can be overwhelming, so I am seeking advice in community forums to have my questions answered.

We offer graphic illustrations called "Infographics" along with articles, PowerPoint presentations, and other research materials. These resources are used to educate and instruct clients in various aspects of business development, both through physical meetings and live web sessions.

We have accumulated a significant amount of material over the years and want to sell it online through a webshop. Our product range includes infographics, posters in physical or PDF format, downloadable PowerPoint presentations, videos for download or online viewing, articles, seminars, courses, events, and other items.

Most of our infographics are general-purpose, but we also customize them according to the specific needs of individual clients. We would like to provide a way for customers to request customized products, which may require a meeting to discuss their requirements. Adding a "Request customized model" button on each product page could facilitate this.

We are unsure about incorporating a subscription fee for viewing our videos online due to concerns about video distribution. Initially, we plan to sell only a few physical posters, and we can handle the manual process at the beginning. Although shipping couriers are not needed initially, we do require a method to calculate shipping prices and various country taxes.

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