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A sharp drop in impressions and clicks

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Good afternoon!

dear experts, who could help to understand the problem of a sharp drop in views and clicks from January 2024. The drop compared to the last period of 2023 is more than 3 times.

There have been no global changes to the site other than the January update from to

I would welcome any thoughts on this matter. Thank you.image.png.d0605ca2d5ae154238bd475cf699afe1.png.ceb9d8b6ef70fdb1a840773a449a4a53.png

PrestaShop version:

PHP version: 7.4

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thanks for your answer. You may be right, there were no significant errors or warnings in the search console, and the problem persists. All pages are present in search, as well as the average positions are about the same as last year. I understand that it is the displays that have sharply decreased. Whether it is connected with the behavioral factor is unlikely, most likely google algorithms. But this is my speculation as I do not know in this topic deeply, so I wondered if someone had a similar problem related to the technical part of the site.

thank you

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It is almost certainly due to Google's latest core update and spam update done in March.

It's not easy to resolve, you can check all the SEO activities implemented on the site to make sure they are in line with Google's guidelines.

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