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Any UK users here? How to solve UK postcode problems?

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We're nearly ready to go with our new Prestashop site, but I am scratching my head as to what to do about UK postcodes.


The issues are:


1. The UK has multiple postcode formats, but under localisation > country only one postcode format can be entered. This means we cannot set up validation for UK postcode formats. Does anyone know how to solve this? 


2. The only option is to leave the postcode field blank. This means no postcode at all is required from the user. This is a problem, both for our internal systems and also I have read also this will create an issue with PayPal.

Does anyone know how to make this postcode field compulsory without setting a format?

(although if point 1 is solved this step won't be necessary). 


3. How to deal with UK remote areas which cost more to ship to, such as Highlands and Islands? I found a module which looked like it would help with this - however it will not work with UK postcodes. It would work just fine if we could enter multiple postcode formats (see point 1). Or if wildcards were allowed in the module. Other modules I found which allowed wildcards could only be used with numeric (so not UK) postcodes.

Can anyone offer any help here?


I can't be the only one using Prestashop in the UK, surely?! 


How have the rest of you managed this issue?


Thanks in advance for any help  , I'm tearing my hair out here! 

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