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PayPal is changing cart addresses


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I'm using paypal module (for 1.6 version). I've notice some strange behavior. Some orders payed by paypal have same same delivery and invoice address. But in cart originally where two different addresses. Why is that?

I found in express_checkout\payment.php code:

First module gets last address (randomly, becouse getAddresses gets address without order by)

$addresses = $customer->getAddresses($ppec->context->language->id);
        foreach ($addresses as $address) {
            if ($address['alias'] == 'Paypal_Address') {
                //If address has already been created
                $address = new Address($address['id_address']);

And then updates cart addresses to same address:

        if ($customer->id && $address->id) {
            $ppec->context->cart->id_customer = $customer->id;
            $ppec->context->cart->id_address_delivery = $address->id;
            $ppec->context->cart->id_address_invoice = $address->id;
            $ppec->context->cart->id_guest = $ppec->context->cookie->id_guest;

Why is that? Addresses shouldn't be touched. Can I comment addresses update?


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I am Daria, technical support manager for PrestaShop module Custom Fields and I'm glad to help you.

I invite you to create a support ticket for us via this link, indicating all the details (full PS and module versions, steps to reproduce the behavior, if you use any customized theme or one-page checkout module et.):


Kindly note, that we provide support for versions of PS starting from and superior.



Daria - support 202 e-commerce

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